Hi there – my name is Viorica Britton, and I write erotic fiction.

That’s the nutshell – here’s the rest of the story …

Ever since I was a child – for as long as I can remember, honestly – I’ve been a writer. I fell in love with words, and it occurred to me quite early on that I could even make my own stories with all those wonderful, juicy words. I was everyone’s first pick for spelling bee teams, aced English and grammar classes, always had my nose in a book. My favorite days in school were the ones where the teacher passed out order forms for books. I was in heaven, though my poor parents cringed every time I handed them my wish list.

When I was in elementary school and junior high, I entertained my classmates and friends by writing scripts for our favorite television shows. Sometimes, I even took requests, producing on one occasion a particularly memorable episode of Fantasy Island, if I recall correctly. But I wasn’t picky. My writing took just about any format I became aware of – poetry (most of it bad, and thus I am grateful none of it survives), short stories, plays … whatever form you threw at me, I grabbed it and ran with it. So at the age of 11, when I announced I wanted to be a writer, no one was terribly surprised.

Erotica, though … that’s a bit harder to explain.

The first erotic novel I ever read was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. A friend placed it in my hands as if it were the crown jewels, whispering “This is actually Anne Rice.” I didn’t know what to expect – the same friend had lent me The Story of O some years before, but I hadn’t enjoyed that title at the time. However, the Sleeping Beauty books triggered something else entirely in me. I devoured them all one after the other, finishing the entire trilogy within two weeks.

Perhaps I had changed, or perhaps I just wasn’t ready for erotica when I’d read O. But whatever the reason, I was hooked on the genre, and so I stepped carefully into the pool, careful not to go too fast or too far into the “deep end,” metaphorically speaking.

Over the years, I’ve read just about every kind of erotica imaginable. And one thought began to crystallize for me a year or so ago …

Erotica has a real women problem. 

See, many of the titles I’ve read indulged to varying degrees in notions of consent and the exchange of power in a sexual relationship. But far too many of them robbed their heroines of their innate power in the process.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I firmly believe that, as with any literary art, erotica should explore the full complexity of the human experience – including the not-so-pretty or enlightened parts.

But I longed for something different – erotic tales that explored the power dynamic between two consenting adults without disenfranchising their heroines or reducing their heroes to caveman caricatures.

And when I couldn’t find enough of that kind of erotica, I decided to write some myself.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last year – writing gender-positive, electric, empowering erotica for women who, like me, are fascinated by sexual identity and the full, brave exploration of female sexuality.

My stories and books – so far, at least – revolve around heterosexual relationships and encounters, since that’s what’s familiar to me. But I am looking forward to exploring other pairings – or “triplings,” or “quadruplings,” or …

So, that’s my “story”! I’m glad you’re here. Drop me a line (you can use the contact form below) and let me know what you’re reading, or ask me anything!


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